so what now..

Ever since my chemical pregnancy, I have been away from blogging.

I just had to get back to it. So here I am. I am not good at expressing my feelings in writing – not because I can’t write – but because I feel ungrateful when I complain.

So once my period was over, I decided to go for cupping again. What a relaxing therapy it is! I went to a spa this time for my cupping session and oh it was wonderful. During the session, I felt some pressure at 2 cups. I had 11 cups on myself. When I complained to the doctor, she said “the cups where you are feeling the pressure show that you have problems in those areas and the cups you are pointing at are cleansing blood from your uterus”. I felt a huge thud when she said that. Maybe my womb really should be under question and all these years of infertility have been faced due to hidden issues in the uterus.

I had even told the doctor that every time we have intercourse, I feel a burning sensation when I pee. So she said that it could be due to pelvic inflammatory disease and it could be a strong reason for my high TNFs. She concentrated on that bit too. She put cups on me to strengthen my immune system , create new happy hormones, improve egg quality.

When my session ended, she told me that my cups had bad blood and it showed my general wellness was not too great. However she went on saying how people conceived naturally or with IVF within 3-4 cupping sessions with her on monthly basis so she told me to remain very hopeful in this wonderful treatment.

I felt fantastic after all the toxic blood was drawn out 😊

I have spoke to Dr Gorgy for a transfer in August – my body needs a break to recover. But in the meantime, I have to remain on Hydroxychloroquine and intralipids to keep my immunes under check. I am really hoping I dont need more LIT as I have already done 4 LIT sessions. I have made a test ,  hoping the results come out great. If they dont, I will have to travel to London within 2-3 weeks for 1 more session just 4 weeks before my next transfer in August.

Today I went for my intralipid infusion and on the way back I dont know what made me so mad that I just lost my mind and felt a bit lost.  We argued a bit but it was not like our previous fights 😂 it was just a random spur of anger that settled within 5-10 minutes. So I guess we are becoming better at handling our emotions and fights. Just going on and on,  when you cant give up.