Decisions Decisions

I had tried to post 2 times last week but both the times the posts were completely blank on my blog. Maybe some fault with the web browser. Anyhow I have figured out what to do so here is an update.

We contacted 2 fertility centres in Athens and the doctors at both the clinics had the same reply for us after looking at our reports. “Your wife doesnt need a surrogate” was their reply to my husband. Surprisingly , both the clinics said the same thing!

The doctor at Serum Athens told us that sometimes an underlying infection in the body can be the cause for implantation failures and elevated cytokines. She also said that she had patients with 8-9 ivf failures who went on to have natural conceptions within a few cycles of taking a 25 day antibiotic course.  I do not want to associate too much hope with this but she recommended that we give it a go with our last embryo.

We both have been on antibiotics since the last 2 weeks and we are drained. 😑

So I will be transferring my final embryo, hoping it is the one. Lots of times it is the final embryo that becomes a healthy beautiful baby and I hope it happens in my case too. 

We have also decided that we should rely more on intralipids than IVIG because IVIG is so much more expensive and compared to its price its benefits are similar to those of intralipids. I had done some intralipids in 2015 but Dr Gorgy had put me on IVIGs since Jan 2016 and since then our bank balance has plummeted to almost nothing. 🙁

I dont care for the expense if it gets me my baby but we have no  positive result to celebrate for despite spending so much on all of this.

We have also found out that a single round of LIT in Athens cost 200 euros compared to 900 pounds in London and that air travel to Athens is half the price than that for London – so now if I do plan to travel for LIT, it will be to Athens. Finally so much of relief for us!
Waiting for AF to arrive which is due in the 1st week of Nov. Really hoping this is the one. 

Much love and prayers for all

– A


One of the crazy days…

When you cant conquer your emotions. Yeah one of those crazy days.

I am trying really hard ever since my BFN to control my emotions and feelings but nothing seems to be helping although I know that I really want to stay calm and not be hopeless… I am feeling a bit mad specially today and right now.

So on my birthday when I had the BFN… my husband’s brother’s wife decided to “tell me about something special”. Yeah, she’s pregnant again. Which means I will be further mistreated by the in laws. Not only that – I will be left to feel disgusted about my womb and my luck. 😢

Even the first time she fell pregnant, it was the week my 4th IVF had failed into a chemical. I just don’t know how to face this constant “boo” on my face.

My in-laws always say “she’ll never be pregnant” and lucky for them – its been proven right all these years but I still cant give up…