Our beautiful embryos are ready

We have an amazing update to share. Our lovely donor gave us 14 eggs. We decided to inseminate 8 with my husband’s sperm and 6 with donor sperm. We now have 6 5AA blasts frozen. 2 out of the 8 from my husband’s sperm and 4 out of the donor’s. Maybe we really did have the fragmentation issue or I don’t know. Sometimes all of a sudden I just feel scared that what if it really isnt the fragmentation. I am only scared because in 2015 when the immune disorder (elevated cytokines and natural killer cells) were detected we were happy that we had found our solution. It wasnt the end of it. Then when my embryos had ceased at morula stage we switched to donor eggs and we believed that was the answer to our issue. It wasnt so. So now when Penny at Serum has said it is the sperm fragmentation , I am finding it hard to believe in it and be positive. Infertility really scars the inflicted.

Finally January has ended. It seemed like it never would. I am visiting my parents so time is going fast now and hence the late update. My cycle has started and my FET preparation has begun. We are aiming at transferring around the 1st week of March which means 2 weeks to go! Finally getting to transfer after waiting for 3 months. Time really did fly and I am feeling January was on a major pause.

Hope you all are keeping well. 



Author: When You Cant Give Up

Its been 4 and a half years since my first attempt to have a baby, still going on with little success a long the way. I have done 4 Clomid rounds, 4 IUI's, 6 ICSI's and a couple of herbal remedies. Despite the heartbreak and pain, I am not willing to stop trying harder. Deep inside I feel that our bundle of joy will come sooner or later if I remain patient and continue to tweak my treatment after every failed attempt. This feeling has stopped me from giving up and brought me so far so soon. Hence, I call my blog "When you cant give up".

6 thoughts on “Our beautiful embryos are ready”

  1. Woohoo!!! That’s so exciting. I am so happy for you and hope this is it for you. Glad you are having a good time with your family. You know what, I will be transferring in March too.Probably towards the second half of the month. My egg retrieval will be sometime next week.

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  2. Really excited for you that you have some great quality embryos and that you can transfer soon! I understand your doubts, I also wonder what exactly is our reason for things not working yet. It’s hard when you don’t really know for sure. However you have every reason to feel optimistic and hopeful for you next transfer. Thinking of you!

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  3. I’ve just been reading your post and it brought tears to my eyes and I am lost for words.
    Wishing you all the best for your transfer. I really hope this is the one!!!

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