Things are beginning to get real…

I have taken estrogen pills since 10 days and a bit more to go now. We are aiming for our transfer on the first weekend of March so that my husband can also sneak out with me to Athens. It will be a 3 hr flight to get there and luckily the flight back home will bring us back before the weekend ends. Hopefully we succeed this go and nobody finds out about our adventure. He he. In 2016, I used to go to London all by myself for my FETs and that used to cost us a lot more for air travel than what we are paying now for the two of us. Another reason was that my stay in London used to get longer than expected most of the time so it was not feasible for my husband to sneak out without being caught. I also had my lovely sister in London to take care of me so it was always fun visiting her. So now we both will be traveling together to get our frozen one home from the place we had our honeymoon at.

Today was my mid cycle scan and am very grateful that all looked lovely. We are really excited and hoping praying this cycle works. Just 11 days until the transfer.

The nurse who did my scan gave me a baby record book today. I was stunned! I have always wanted to have one. I could just feel that we are not too far now. I am attaching a picture of the first page of the book. Tell me what jolts you would feel holding such a book in your hands after years of trying when you cant give up…


Author: When You Cant Give Up

Its been 4 and a half years since my first attempt to have a baby, still going on with little success a long the way. I have done 4 Clomid rounds, 4 IUI's, 6 ICSI's and a couple of herbal remedies. Despite the heartbreak and pain, I am not willing to stop trying harder. Deep inside I feel that our bundle of joy will come sooner or later if I remain patient and continue to tweak my treatment after every failed attempt. This feeling has stopped me from giving up and brought me so far so soon. Hence, I call my blog "When you cant give up".

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