Our 7w5d scan

We had our 2nd scan today and I am still pregnant, all praise to the Lord.

This scan was done to confirm the growth of both the babies. In my first scan on 6w3d twin 2 was not doing too well. So today we got the news. We will be having just one baby, Lord willing. Before the scan I had decided that no matter what the outcome of the scan, I will be grateful as I have never been this pregnant either. Being this pregnant has been a huge deal for me, I couldn’t be happier.

The Dr. said that since the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks I wouldn’t have to do anything to bring it out from my womb. It will dissolve itself over time. He also added that if this baby finished later on in pregnancy it would have caused complications for the other baby who was growing just fine. So all in all, I am just grateful today. I am sad for losing one of them but I have to be grateful. There is much to be grateful for than be sad about and overlook the positives in life.

Maybe to make me feel better the Dr. reminded me that a lot of complications can arise during twin birth and singleton pregnancies are easier and healthier. 

Then he told us that as of now the chance of a successful pregnancy is 95%! Our faces lit up when we heard that. Our baby had grown quite a lot since the last 10 days, praise to the Lord. We heard a much faster heart beat whereas the twin we lost, just lay there. Tiny and life less. With no beating heart. 💔 My heart broke into a few million pieces seeing our lifeless baby in that sac.

I am praying for my baby to grow well and for you all to achieve success and have your rainbow babies. It literally feels like it just took the blink of an eye to work. I seem to have forgotten all that I have been through already. I want you all to know that you all will feel the same when it will work for you! So at the moment do not spend your days in sadness. Enjoy your life and smile at all the problems that you encounter so they seem very little and do not overtake you. You ladies have got this! Keep going. It will work! 

Scan update

So I am done with my scan. It seems that Lord willing we will be having twins! However I am very worried. One of the heart beats is a bit slow, near 90 bpm. The other is apparently at 120 bpm.I didn’t like my ob at all. He didn’t even mention the exact heart beats or the babies measurements. He just got me more worried than I was before the scan. According to my calculation I should be 6w4d today. So why are the beats so slow and why is the Dr. being so secretive? I miss my Gynae who had promised to be my OB whenever I would fall pregnant. Now finally after years when I am pregnant, he just fell sick to Cancer. Oh Dear Lord! Save us!