So I had not been able to post our crib wall pictures at 30 weeks or 32 weeks, I am posting at 33+5 because our wall decor was lost in the mail and instead went to a completely different city after which our house street is named. Who could have ever imagined that happening? Luckily, the mail was tracked and we have it and even more luckily it is not damaged or broken. Phew. Now we are planning to put it up this weekend or maybe the next, depending on our moods hehe. However, I am attaching a picture of the decor which will REVEAL the gender!

 This was the box of the decor. I just could not resist not sharing this cute printed box. We ordered customised letters of the baby’s name with them and they did a truly magnificient job. They had a 100 different options to choose from and it was truly hard to pick one which was our favorite!


Yes! Its our darling litle boy! I have shuffled the letters of the name for now but I just had to reveal the gender to you all! Let me know what your gender guesses were! 

Finally, below is the crib and wardrobe picture for him and some other decor which is already up!

We only have 4 books for now but Mommy and Papa shall be buying more for the little one, Lord willing. The letters will be stuck just behind the crib. The sheets and cushions are still packed away as I am very paranoid about dust accumulating hehe. I hope you all liked the setup. The complete crib picture will be shared after 36 weeks, Lord willing.

Pregnancy wise I am still doing very well but since last weekend my feet have started to swell up terribly and I am getting used to the swollen feet for now. Just going to be positive about it all because I am ‘When you cant give up’.

Love for all my lovelies and prayers for all.