A week from today…

A week from today when I was 36+6 on 31st October 2017, my waters broke suddenly while I was out shopping for maternity pants! Imagine the coincidence!
We rushed back home, had dinner and packed our hospital bag lol. I had planned to pack my hospital bag that very night and this is what I was doing. Only difference being that I was in labor already!

We got to the ER and my OB was informed. We were admitted to the L & D department and I was checked. I was 1cm dilated and did not have any contractions. I was induced and within the next 2 hours my contractions started. After 6 hours of contracting, I was nearly brought to my knees and thats when I gave in to take the epidural! What a miracle of a drug it is!

After 6 more hours our Baby Mohammad was delivered healthily and weighed about 5 pounds. I am absolutely filled with love and cry almost everyday thinking of the past I faced. My in laws are really nice now and I must say my faith in my Lord’s mercy and blessings has heightened. The Lord really does show His strength and knows when we are about to give up. With His power He aids us and elevates us and it was through Him that I became When you cant give up and now a mother after all the failures and difficult days.

Have faith and continue on your journeys with complete trust in His plan for you. May everyone succeed in their journeys and they lead beautiful happy lives.

My baby is taking up all my time and I might not post at all. However, wordpress emails reach my inbox so I shall always be notified if anyone contacts me or checks upon us.


When you cant give up


Author: When You Cant Give Up

Its been 4 and a half years since my first attempt to have a baby, still going on with little success a long the way. I have done 4 Clomid rounds, 4 IUI's, 6 ICSI's and a couple of herbal remedies. Despite the heartbreak and pain, I am not willing to stop trying harder. Deep inside I feel that our bundle of joy will come sooner or later if I remain patient and continue to tweak my treatment after every failed attempt. This feeling has stopped me from giving up and brought me so far so soon. Hence, I call my blog "When you cant give up".

10 thoughts on “A week from today…”

  1. Oh my heart is so happy to read this! Congratulations my friend!! You did it! I hope you’re all doing well. Thinking of you!
    (And thanks for reminding me that I should probably pack a bag soon as well, just in case)
    Sending all of you all my love!! xx


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