Beautiful start – 2010

I have started to write my blog nearly 6 years after we got married. I met the man of my dreams in 2009 at the age of 19 and we got married within 6 months. My life was perfect or lets say beyond perfect. Happily married, young , stay at home wife and above all not a care in the world – at least not about my future struggle with infertility! I couldn’t even imagine in my wildest dreams to be inflicted with infertility and especially not at the age of 20!

We decided to wait for a year or more and than have our first baby. As a couple we enjoyed a lot together and always had too much going on. We used to go for late night snacks, late night movie shows, swim together, work out together , go for long drives, go to dinners and late night parties. Above all, due to the nature of my husband’s work we traveled every second month. He would take me a long everywhere he used to go and we didn’t want a baby to come yet and cause any sort of hindrance to our perfectly happy and mobile lives. Little did we know that this extremely fast-paced lifestyle was about to pause for a very long while and the baby that we labelled as a ‘hindrance’ was actually not going to come to us for a very long time.