2011 -The year we were ready and excited

Our first anniversary arrived in July 2011 and we were still having a great time and the thought of having a baby still didn’t cross our minds. Then in November that year we went to a resort to spend the weekend, just away from home. There we felt like we should start a family. On our way home, We stopped at a pharmacy and bought an ovulation prediction kit (OPK). I had always tracked my cycle so I had an idea that I was near my ovulation days. We started testing and within a few days the Clear blue test showed a  🙂 positive for ovulation and we were absolutely delighted! I mean why wouldn’t we be, right? Relaxing weekend, positive OPK. I thought to myself at that moment ‘Making a baby is so simple’ and I started to think about my pregnancy days because I didn’t know how difficult it can sometimes get to become pregnant. Why did I believe pregnancy to occur for us so quickly?Of course because I was only 21 yet and I possibly couldn’t think of a reason other than the age factor to affect a woman’s fertility. In my opinion, infertility occurred after the age of 35. I was also careless enough to think like that maybe because I had just recently left university and my friends who were of my age, fell pregnant without knowing and trying for a baby.

We tried that cycle and began to wait to test 14 days post ovulation. My period didn’t arrive! I always had a 30 day cycle and not a month had I ever missed. I tested happily and to my shock it was negative. I kept myself calm because I had read on the leaflet that a negative test can be retested a few days later. I started to read forums on ‘negative pregnancy tests that turned out to be positive tests within a few days’. Surely, when we search the internet on a particular topic we find too much content related to our search’s direction. If I had searched ‘negative pregnancy test and missed period’ sure enough I would have met with lots of posts from PCOs patients. Anyhow, I retested 2 days later and still negative. I decided to go to my Dr out of general excitement for a pregnancy surprise. The Dr made a scan and she said that she couldn’t find any sign of early pregnancy and that she saw a dark patch which possibly looked like period blood and my period would arrive in a day or two. My heart sank but I still felt that it was too early to rule out a pregnancy because my period was never late and it was the month that we had tried and the period went missing. So surely, I told myself to remain positive and have faith.

Then next morning, my period arrived. I bled a lot more than usual, I bled heavy clots. Sorry for the details. I cried with pain and couldn’t tolerate it at all. I went to the Dr again and she prescribed Voltaren suppositories to ease the pain. At that point I was not hurt yet by not falling pregnant. I knew that it was the first attempt and it took around 3-6 attempts for healthy couples to fall pregnant.

The 5 day delay in period didn’t ring any bells for us. We were too aloof to worry about it yet. A delay in period is a sign of disturbed hormones or some trouble saved for the future. Today after knowing the real cause of my infertility, I feel I had an early chemical pregnancy in my very first attempt.

Stay tuned to find out what happened further down the road. Thanks