Quick update

For all my beautiful ladies,

I know I have been lost and I actually had a draft after my 9 weeks appointment but I quite literally forgot to update my blog.

So the update is that my scan at 9 weeks was perfect and baby was moving his/her head from left to right. We could also see a little limb sticking out. Hehe. The heartbeat was fine and I was relieved, only for the next few days. Hehe

Currently I am 11 weeks 4 days pregnant and on 10th May, Wednesday, is my 12 weeks appointment and I am hoping praying I am still healthily pregnant with my miracle. 

Hope you all are doing well and my prayers are with all of you. 

I hope we get to see a healthy baby dancing here and there on Wednesday when I shall be 12 weeks, Lord willing.

Our 7w5d scan

We had our 2nd scan today and I am still pregnant, all praise to the Lord.

This scan was done to confirm the growth of both the babies. In my first scan on 6w3d twin 2 was not doing too well. So today we got the news. We will be having just one baby, Lord willing. Before the scan I had decided that no matter what the outcome of the scan, I will be grateful as I have never been this pregnant either. Being this pregnant has been a huge deal for me, I couldn’t be happier.

The Dr. said that since the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks I wouldn’t have to do anything to bring it out from my womb. It will dissolve itself over time. He also added that if this baby finished later on in pregnancy it would have caused complications for the other baby who was growing just fine. So all in all, I am just grateful today. I am sad for losing one of them but I have to be grateful. There is much to be grateful for than be sad about and overlook the positives in life.

Maybe to make me feel better the Dr. reminded me that a lot of complications can arise during twin birth and singleton pregnancies are easier and healthier. 

Then he told us that as of now the chance of a successful pregnancy is 95%! Our faces lit up when we heard that. Our baby had grown quite a lot since the last 10 days, praise to the Lord. We heard a much faster heart beat whereas the twin we lost, just lay there. Tiny and life less. With no beating heart. 💔 My heart broke into a few million pieces seeing our lifeless baby in that sac.

I am praying for my baby to grow well and for you all to achieve success and have your rainbow babies. It literally feels like it just took the blink of an eye to work. I seem to have forgotten all that I have been through already. I want you all to know that you all will feel the same when it will work for you! So at the moment do not spend your days in sadness. Enjoy your life and smile at all the problems that you encounter so they seem very little and do not overtake you. You ladies have got this! Keep going. It will work! 

Scan update

So I am done with my scan. It seems that Lord willing we will be having twins! However I am very worried. One of the heart beats is a bit slow, near 90 bpm. The other is apparently at 120 bpm.I didn’t like my ob at all. He didn’t even mention the exact heart beats or the babies measurements. He just got me more worried than I was before the scan. According to my calculation I should be 6w4d today. So why are the beats so slow and why is the Dr. being so secretive? I miss my Gynae who had promised to be my OB whenever I would fall pregnant. Now finally after years when I am pregnant, he just fell sick to Cancer. Oh Dear Lord! Save us! 

Scan tomorrow.. Gulp

So after the 2ww followed a few nerve wrecking days that involved beta testing. Then I had to bear 2 more weeks that were much slower than the previous 2 weeks. Finally the wait is over and tomorrow is my first scan. I am dying at the moment. I am so scared because I have never been this pregnant and I just don’t know what to expect. Please remember us in your prayers and I hope tomorrow is not a sad or broken day….

My blog’s first anniversary!

I just got notified by WordPress that its been a year since I started my blog. I cannot express my regards and gratitude to all the ladies I have met here who without knowing me have always been very kind to me and supportive of my situation especially during the times my in-laws behaved very badly. So a big Thank you to all of you for following my journey so closely and being there for me. I have nothing better to do for you all but pray for you guys every morning. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.May He ease this journey for each and everyone of us.
When I started this blog, I started it to share my medication protocol with those who didn’t have much access to REs. Also due to my husband’s and my reckless nature, we kept jumping around treatment after treatment so I really wanted to share all the treatments I had done for somebody elses betterment thinking if it didnt help me, it may aswell help somebody else.

So here I am, finally pregnant after all what I have mentioned in my blog. If I am pregnant, I will be 6 weeks tomorrow, Lord willing. Waiting for my scan on 1st April, Saturday. Really hoping, praying and wishing to see a great scan!

-When you cant give up

What regime I followed to get my BFP

I do not know if I am still pregnant or not as I am not able to take it seriously until my 6w5d scan but I do know that I got my first ever proper BFP. I just wanted to share my natural remedy regime and medication protocol which was the main purpose of starting my blog.

I used to take half a tea spoon of cinnamon powder daily at breakfast for my PCOs and chug down 1 tablespoon of home grinded turmeric powder with water after dinner to lower my cytokines and inflammations. No amount of medication helped me as much as these two simple home remedies. The turmeric powder especially lowered my immunes very quickly and no amount of Ivigs, intralipids, Humira or hydroxychloroquinine could do as much. I stopped taking these spices 1 week before my embryo transfer as they are pretty strong and I dont know what impact these may have on early pregnancies or implantation.

My medication protocol was 

I left Hydroxychloroquinine in Dec 2016 after my failed London cycle. It was very dangerous for my eyes and I had taken it for entire 2016 and with no success. Penny at Serum gave me Serrapeptase and Celebrex instead, they dont have side effects either. 🎉

In addition to these, I took Vit D, folic acid, omega 3 and Pregnacare conception daily. Yes, major druglord! 

Finally, after my embryos were on board:

I had read a lot about it on the internet that it helps with implantation.

Wishing, hoping and praying


Guess who cheated and what happened…

So my husband managed to convince me to cheat and today I finally gave in and POAS.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I really pray and wish this pregnancy grows and lasts. Literally couldn’t wait to share the news with you all. Beta day is tomorrow so I cheated by testing 1 day ahead. Hope this is not the HCG shots doing this.

For all my fellow bloggers, who are feeling happy for me but are sad for themselves please do not give up. It is literally like magic when it works. I remember you all in my prayers daily and I wish we all succeed. Please pray for my pregnancy I do not want to be left numb again.