January 2012 – The Lost Period

We decided to try again as soon the period was over. We tracked ovulation and again the same process. 14 days post ovulation, I didn’t have my period again – this time for 3 whole months!

We had tested 4 days past AF was due but it was negative and we kept testing. The response was always negative and I kept reading posts on Babycenter that were posted by women who were testing negative and weren’t getting their period for months. All of us seemed to be on the same boat and unluckily, none of the women visited a doctor to get a diagnosis and neither did I. I felt I was pregnant and every little twinge and pain was regarded by me as my pregnancy symptom. How naive and what a daydreamer!

Then when it had been three months since missing my period and being confused about where it had disappeared suddenly, I finally went to a doctor.