Praising my Lord, now 12 weeks!!

Dear ladies,

First of all I love it and was truly touched when I found out my fellow bloggers were waiting for an update from my side since my last scan. I myself get concerned when either of you doesn’t blog for sometime and there is no update to satisfy my heart with so I start looking up for the person’s blog and look for signs of update hehe.I pray for all of you every morning to have your miracles and for your difficulties to end really soon with the Lord’s mercy.

So the update is Baby is now 12 weeks!!

We heard the lovely heartbeat and fell in love with how he or she was changing and flipping sides. Gosh too adorable!! The baby was sucking its thumb and looked like a little baby snuggled in a hammock! 

Please remember us in your prayers and you all are in mine. In about 4 weeks we will find out the gender when I will be 16 weeks, Lord willing. 


My blog’s first anniversary!

I just got notified by WordPress that its been a year since I started my blog. I cannot express my regards and gratitude to all the ladies I have met here who without knowing me have always been very kind to me and supportive of my situation especially during the times my in-laws behaved very badly. So a big Thank you to all of you for following my journey so closely and being there for me. I have nothing better to do for you all but pray for you guys every morning. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.May He ease this journey for each and everyone of us.
When I started this blog, I started it to share my medication protocol with those who didn’t have much access to REs. Also due to my husband’s and my reckless nature, we kept jumping around treatment after treatment so I really wanted to share all the treatments I had done for somebody elses betterment thinking if it didnt help me, it may aswell help somebody else.

So here I am, finally pregnant after all what I have mentioned in my blog. If I am pregnant, I will be 6 weeks tomorrow, Lord willing. Waiting for my scan on 1st April, Saturday. Really hoping, praying and wishing to see a great scan!

-When you cant give up