13 weeks on 17th May.

I reached the 13th week of my pregnancy on 17th May and it was going to be the last week of my PIO shots. However, it didnt turn out the way it should have.

Ever since I started my PIO shots I had small lumps develop in the areas I was taking the shots. To settle them I used to use a cold pack prior to administering and a heat pack later. It used to settle the lumps a bit and although they would still be there, they would not be as big when I wouldn’t use the packs at all.

So when I reached 11 weeks, 1 of the lumps became super big because I neglected using the packs. I had my inlaws over for 2 weeks so hence the carelessness. I also was quite used to the PIO shots by then and my lumps were behaving well so I didnt worry too much. The lump became big and I started to use the heat and cold packs multiple times in a day and it would become small but get big all over again. I cannot even explain the height of ignorance here. I mean a lump not going away is alarming but I knew it was the shots and my shots were gonna end so I was fine and bearing it all. Even the PAIN.

Then in the middle of my 12th week, green pus started to come out. I still didnt bother telling my OB about it despite having an appointment at 12 weeks. The pus continued for 4 days until I became 13 weeks and thats when it alarmed my husband! He immediately rushed me to the Emergency and the Drs there told us on spot that I needed a surgery!!

I was panic stricken. I couldn’t even think about a surgery while being pregnant after years of infertility and heartbreak. My husband and I were devastated. The surgery was to be done under general anaesthesia which had a small chance of putting my pregnancy and baby at risk. The pain I have seen before getting this child meant I couldn’t even take a risk of 1% on my tiny child of 13 weeks! We made 100s of phone calls. To my parents, to his mom, to our OB, to his close cousin who lives nearby and to the Dr at Serum, Athens. My parents called their close doctor friends and his mom to her doctor relatives. There were confusing replies from all. The adults in family and relative doctors advised against general anaesthesia and the OB, Serum Dr. and emergency Dr. said general anaesthesia did have a risk but it would be needed to operate the painful surgery. We were left confused. 

While we waited 6 hours for my surgery and with lots of google search, I decided to go for the surgery under local anaesthesia and being fully conscious. It was a mother’s choice for her precious pregnancy.

I cannot explain the fear I felt throughout the surgery. I was especially more scared because the Dr. had said it would be painful. I kept shivering during the surgery and the nurses kept hot blankets over me and a heater near my legs. I kept remembering my Lord’s name throughout reminding myself how He is merciful and doesnt do anything which is bad for us or beyond our capacity to bear. It took around 45 minutes for the entire thing and finally I was done.

I was relieved I bore the pain for my child and didn’t do anything that could have been dangerous for my pregnancy or child’s future.

I have been going to the hospital for daily dressings and I am in lots of pain. The wound is healing, praise to the Lord and the pain is settling day after day. 

I am just grateful this is over and my pregnancy is safe. After what happened and the fear we felt at the moment when we were deciding regarding the surgery, this baby has become even dearer. Funny thing is my Fil who always told my husband that he was worried for him for being childless and hence wanted him to remarry, did not bother to call us even once when we faced this grave difficulty while being pregnant with our dear child. His mom called us 50 times literally (I could paste pictures of screenshots of her call times).

So all the ladies who read this, please tell me. Did any of you face the lumps I faced from the PIO shots? I was quite okay until the 11th week and it only deteriorated afterwards. Usually women only take PIO shots until the 10th or 11th weeks so maybe because I was on them for such a long time I faced this? I dont know, I am just relieved that the obnoxious shots are over!!!!


What regime I followed to get my BFP

I do not know if I am still pregnant or not as I am not able to take it seriously until my 6w5d scan but I do know that I got my first ever proper BFP. I just wanted to share my natural remedy regime and medication protocol which was the main purpose of starting my blog.

I used to take half a tea spoon of cinnamon powder daily at breakfast for my PCOs and chug down 1 tablespoon of home grinded turmeric powder with water after dinner to lower my cytokines and inflammations. No amount of medication helped me as much as these two simple home remedies. The turmeric powder especially lowered my immunes very quickly and no amount of Ivigs, intralipids, Humira or hydroxychloroquinine could do as much. I stopped taking these spices 1 week before my embryo transfer as they are pretty strong and I dont know what impact these may have on early pregnancies or implantation.

My medication protocol was 

I left Hydroxychloroquinine in Dec 2016 after my failed London cycle. It was very dangerous for my eyes and I had taken it for entire 2016 and with no success. Penny at Serum gave me Serrapeptase and Celebrex instead, they dont have side effects either. 🎉

In addition to these, I took Vit D, folic acid, omega 3 and Pregnacare conception daily. Yes, major druglord! 

Finally, after my embryos were on board:

I had read a lot about it on the internet that it helps with implantation.

Wishing, hoping and praying


Guess who cheated and what happened…

So my husband managed to convince me to cheat and today I finally gave in and POAS.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I really pray and wish this pregnancy grows and lasts. Literally couldn’t wait to share the news with you all. Beta day is tomorrow so I cheated by testing 1 day ahead. Hope this is not the HCG shots doing this.

For all my fellow bloggers, who are feeling happy for me but are sad for themselves please do not give up. It is literally like magic when it works. I remember you all in my prayers daily and I wish we all succeed. Please pray for my pregnancy I do not want to be left numb again.

Finally Embryos in me.

Today was our embryo transfer and I am glad that it went well. We transferred 2 lovely embryos and Dr. Sofia and Penny were in the theatre with us. This was my 11th embryo transfer within the last 5 years and I feel this was my easiest transfer. I felt almost no pain during the process and the entire team in the room was very friendly. Penny said truly beautiful words after the transfer while keeping her hands on my belly. She is a very kind and loving lady, God bless her. Even after the transfer I was not asked to leave the theatre on my feet, they took me to the resting room on a bed. Something I truly wanted in all my transfers but never got. Well this time, I was surprised by Serum 🙂

I had my intralipid infusion and HCG shot after the transfer. So this means no HPTs 6 days later. 😦

My testing date is 12 days from now and I will have to wait patiently while the injections keep stinging daily. What fun.

Athens here we come!

I really do not know how to put my heart’s happiness and the ray of hope inside me in words today. From the moment I have woke up today I feel like this is going to be it and suddenly my heart and face lits up. I really hope this is it.

We are traveling to Athens late tonight and we will be staying where we stayed on our honeymoon. So it will be like ‘coming back pregnant from Athens’. Only that it took 7 years of a roller coaster ride to get pregnant. 😂

The Dr. at Serum prescribes progesterone injections instead of the suppositories. They say they have better success with the injections. So instead of using the suppositories thrice a day I now get stung in my hips once a day. I am really hoping and praying all this effort works.

I am really happy my husband is accompanying me, I used to hate traveling to London for weeks all by myself. Remember us in your prayers.

Wishing the very best to  talesofa30yroldnothing.com and  rainbowmc.wordpress.com for their upcoming transfers!

Lots of love


Things are beginning to get real…

I have taken estrogen pills since 10 days and a bit more to go now. We are aiming for our transfer on the first weekend of March so that my husband can also sneak out with me to Athens. It will be a 3 hr flight to get there and luckily the flight back home will bring us back before the weekend ends. Hopefully we succeed this go and nobody finds out about our adventure. He he. In 2016, I used to go to London all by myself for my FETs and that used to cost us a lot more for air travel than what we are paying now for the two of us. Another reason was that my stay in London used to get longer than expected most of the time so it was not feasible for my husband to sneak out without being caught. I also had my lovely sister in London to take care of me so it was always fun visiting her. So now we both will be traveling together to get our frozen one home from the place we had our honeymoon at.

Today was my mid cycle scan and am very grateful that all looked lovely. We are really excited and hoping praying this cycle works. Just 11 days until the transfer.

The nurse who did my scan gave me a baby record book today. I was stunned! I have always wanted to have one. I could just feel that we are not too far now. I am attaching a picture of the first page of the book. Tell me what jolts you would feel holding such a book in your hands after years of trying when you cant give up…